the origins of the word Brio is from the term 'con brio'
..... with liveliness, spirit, vigor, moxie 


Business Journey to date

We started our research in mid 2015 focused on gathering insights from as broad a base as possible of people in the wheelchair community.  We did not set out to build 'a Fitbit for a wheelchair'; we set out to learn what was important to understand in the life of someone who drives a wheelchair.   We learnt ...

Our thanks to spinal cord injury hospital teams, community outreach staff, sports coaches,  occupational and physio therapists, wheelchair sports associations for rugby, tennis, basketball and track teams,  .....

Design Principles





The technologies proposed by Briometrix offer an unobtrusive, intuitive means of physical activity and technique feedback to wheelchair users of all ages, abilities and skills levels.
— Ian Rice, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Illinios, Paralympic Training Centre, Silver Medalist, USA Paralympian


Briometrix Team

Natalie Verdon

Business Development & Marketing

Eckhard Kemmerer

CEO & Product Manager

Andy Brown

Sales Director, North America


Iyad Hornai

Head of Technology


Liam Granger

Head of Engineering

Lew Evans


Andres Pinar

Project Manager