Author: Rebekah Lambert

wheelchair accessible world

Part of a truly wheelchair accessible world is recognising that we’re not there yet. Councils, town planners and builders are trying, but there are a lot of impediments to success when it comes to creating a truly wheelchair accessible world.   Thinking about things beyond the blue sign and the ramp is important. We know the clangers in society where the disability office is placed on a...

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Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham at Nitro Circus

Wheelchair sports have been proven to show a great many benefits. They can help improve overall health and reduce the amount and length of hospital stays through fewer health complications.   Like most exercise, it’s great for keeping cardio fitness high as well as great stress reduction. The social aspect, physical as well as mental health rewards and the focus on autonomy and striving to success help...

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wheelchair accessibility

The strangest thing about wheelchair accessibility is that it is overlooked. Not only is it bad to leave out wheelchair accessibility out of the town planning, mapping and fitness equation, it has some genuine ramifications for community and business as well.   Briometrix is going to need to bridge the gap between our wheelchair community and the rest of the community, investors, startup and government funding bodies,...

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