Accessible Mapping

Making city accessibility visible

Key to our Navability technology is our philosophy of ‘what is accessibility’.

“Accessibility” is determined by surface, gradient, cross fall, kerb side, and entrance to building.  And adding the data of the users medical condition and their fitness.   From this calculation only then does the wheelchair user know that footpath effort rating and if it is accessible to them.

This calculation of environment and person ability is translated into a simple accessible mapping language – Effort Rating

This mapping language can be applied universally and across many communities.  Wheelchair users spearhead navigation -if a wheelchair user can go there, practically everyone else can. Effort Maps will be of value and a practical guide for other community members – people who are pushing strollers, using crutches, walkers, frail health or lugging equipment & suitcases.

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How it works

Briometrix turns every wheelchair into a mapping tool, through Navability Smartphone app and attached wearable device, which automatically traces routes defined by the mapping project. Works by artificial intelligence rather than manual data entry by users.

We employ manual and power wheelchairs users, as our wheelchair pilots to map  – cities, precincts, campuses, events, landmarks and destinations, recreation of national parks, walks and trails, sporting precincts, marathon routes and project areas.

We upload their travels along footpaths, ramps, nature trails and other types of paths. Briometrix aggregates and de-identifies this data to produce Accessible Effort Maps.  Briometrix is delivered through GIS technologies.


Effort based routing

Universal language expressing the travel effort
Red | Assistance may be required,
Orange | Strenuous,  Yellow | Moderate
Green | Easy,  Blue | Very easy, Purple | Downhill,
Black | Difficult descent


Pathway Analysis

Analysis of surface, gradient, cross slope, kerb side, entrance to buildings. Wheelchair pilots survey footpaths and trails with wheelchairs equipped with inertial navigation systems, 360°cameras,  Lidar and image recognition


Precinct analysis

How the community interacts with your features (facilities) will start to tell a story of your precinct.  Data stories will drive understanding and improvements in urban planning, accessible tourism and social inclusion

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Navability Success Stories  

Here are a few inspiring Navability projects that show a cities accessibility is a critical ingredient to a livable city.

“New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest annual celebrations in the world. It’s so important that everyone gets the chance to come into the city and experience it, and that’s what this new colour-coded Navability Effort mapping service will help to enable. We’re committed to making Sydney inclusive and accessible for residents and visitors from all around world,”    Lord Mayor, Clover Moore. 


City of Sydney NYE celebrations on right track

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City of Sydney exploring the parklands

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Regional Greater Shepparton marking their mark

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University of Wollongong A+ campus for students

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