Briometrix Pilot Program

Want to be part of the Briometrix revolution?

Its time to take off for the exclusive Brio Pilot program.

What’s the aim of the game?

To build the best damn wheelchair fitness app with the most accurate data on the market. We want all kinds of wheelchair users to join our Brio Pilot program.

Whether you’re an elite wheelchair athlete looking to take your training to the next level or you’re wanting to improve your general wheelchair usage through understanding the effort you expend each day, we want you!

Man in a wheelchair tackling some extreme offroad trails

Why the Brio Pilot program?

Not all wheelchair users share the same needs or face the same challenges. That’s why it’s important to hand our wheelchair app over to you, our community, to really understand where improvements lie.

That’s why we’re calling on members of the wheelchair community to use, test and push our app to the limit as an official Brio Pilot. We’re putting our wheelchair app in your hands, so you can help us build the app you need.

Your feedback will be used to develop the world’s first wheelchair fitness app and dedicated wearable hardware.

It’s for the wheelchair community designed by the wheelchair community.

We want to see your lives in action to ensure our apps are just what you need.

Does this sound like you?

At Briometrix, we know no two wheelchair users are the same. That’s why we want the spectrum of our community included in these tests. Male or female, kid or adult, new to the wheelchair or seasoned wheelie, we want you!

Does this sound like you and your relationship to fitness?

You’re a manual wheelchair user (learner to expert level are welcome)

Being able to do what you want without risking strains and injuries through over exertion would be something that interests you

You want to motivate yourself more. You want to be inspired by changes in your fitness while tracking the results in real time

You recognise the need for regular fitness and exercise as part of your health regime and want a way to measure your performance

What kinds of qualities are we looking for in a Brio Pilot?

You can commit to 20 minutes a fortnight to give us the feedback we need- and you don’t shy away from giving an honest opinion

You’re more interested in the things you can do than the things others tell you that you can’t

You’re insatiably curious about new tech and like getting in on the first wave of seriously cool stuff

You recognise the need for regular fitness and exercise as part of your health regime and want a way to measure your performance

We’re looking for anyone aged from 16* to 60 that are willing to give regular, honest feedback on how the fitness app works for you. We want your opinions, to see the data as you use the app and to have the opportunity to see what we can improve.

What’s included in the Brio Pilot scheme?

Brio Pilots will be given access to our wheelchair fitness tracker app. This app measures over 20 different points to create an accurate measurement of your fitness at any given time.

You’ll be able to enter personal fitness data and match it against geographical information. That way, you can measure the strokes and effort required in tandem with standard measurements such as distance and time taken. This in turn gives you an accurate measure on any form of movement you make.

That data can help plan your route, your workout and help you to make informed decisions about everything from moving from place to place to getting your sweat on.

Each Brio Pilot receives:

The opportunity to experience our product before it’s released to the public

First in line to learn about new products and special offers and discounts on future products

The ability to shape the future of how Brio works by giving feedback on a weekly basis visa your choice of phone, email or survey link

The chance to highlight your story as a Brio Pilot with our worldwide community

First look at the Brio fitness tracker hardware

The opportunity to purchase the Brio hardware at 30% off the recommended retail price as a thank you to participating

Your name memorialised as part of the team of bad ass beta testers that makes Brio what it is on our website

The all-round great feeling of building something that’ll help millions of wheelchair users the world over

Our promise to you

As a beta tester, your happiness with our products is of the utmost importance. If at any time you feel that the process of being involved and/or the product is not working for you, we want to hear from you. As a beta tester, you call the shots. We’ll work with you to meet any reasonable expectation of service and to create the best possible experience for you as you test. The Briometrix team will provide a strong framework for you to engage with and multiple contact points to share your learning, understanding and opinions.

You can also be released as a Brio Pilot at any time should your circumstances change.


Can I tell others about Briometrix app during the testing period?

We love that you are so keen to get the word out. It truly makes us happy. But for now, we must ask you to keep that joy under wraps.

Once you sign up as a Brio Pilot, you’ll be asked to sign Test Pilot Agreement that includes confidentiality. You’re a pioneer helping us to make the best technology possible. And part of that super special role is keeping Mum on what you experience until we get Brio to where you want it to be.

It’s like being 007 on a secret mission but without the weird Daniel Craig pout.

Am I testing a product that is ready to go?

Yes and no. We’ve got the app to a fantastic place from a design perspective but like all things, we need some intrepid humans to test it to its practical limits.

That’s where you come in, oh Brio Pilot.

This is the learning phase where we’re putting our technology in your hands, warts and all. We’re allowing you to experience a proper test product and with it, exciting new features and some bumps along the road. The aim is to work with you to resolve these issues and enhance the product based on your invaluable feedback.

In short, you are shaping the future of our app from a stage that is the true beginning of something new, exciting and never seen before! That’s why we welcome natural sceptics, limit testers, rebels and creative thinkers that really want to put Brio through its paces!

Can I get others to sign up?

Yes please! Bring your team, your gym, your mates from the club- whoever you can find! We want to grow the Brio community start a revolution in accessibility.

Can I share my data and reports on my social media?

Remember that 007 secret mission we mentioned before? Once we’ve got the mission to a certain point, we’ll be raising the flag for you to shout news from the rooftops. Well, your social media because the whole noise complaint thing might get anything truly shouty in hot water, but you get the idea.

Keep an eye out so that as soon as we say, ‘all systems go’, you can share all that data and personal achievement.

How much does it cost me to join?

No cost at all. Yep, that’s right. Zip. Nought. Nada.

You’re helping us bridge the gap between theory to practise so it’s our gift to you.

How do I access the app?

Any good mission starts with a secret assignment, right? You will be sent a link from the Brio team and this will outline the simple steps to download and use the app. This will include instructions on how you’ll receive your daily fitness data as well as how to provide feedback. The good news is these instructions will not destruct in 30 seconds and you’ll be able to access the info you need every step of the way.

We want to make it all straight forward. We’ll also be there if you need anything we are here to help via email, phone or Skype.

Do I need any special equipment?

Got wheels, will test! We’re staggering the testing groups so we can focus in on each group and get a stronger picture of the results. Our first round of testing will focus on Manual wheelchair users (day or sports chair). The future rounds will involve Power wheelchairs. You can register at any time and we’ll be in touch according to the most appropriate stage.

Is the app for Android or Apple?

At Brio, we’re all about bringing the community together. That’s why we’ve crossed the Apple and Android divide to offer an app that works on both platforms. Neat, huh?

How do I give you my feedback?

Making it as simple as possible for you to share your experience is the aim of the Brio Test game!

We will guide you on how and when to send feedback. To help compare apples to apples, we’ll also send out a survey for all Brio Pilots to complete.

Got a big brain, great idea or found a pesky bug? Email us anytime with feedback, brilliant ideas and descriptions of any snafus.

It’s that simple!

How much time will it take me each day?

The wonderful thing about Brio is that it’s there to make your life simpler, not add to your workload. The daily commitment is small. Once your app is set up, it will be working away in the background. It can track your movements when out at the shops, when you’re at an exercise session, running late to work and more. Brio will be quietly collecting data no matter whether you’re playing hard and fast at sport or navigating the streets of your city.

Overall, this won’t influence your phone’s battery any more than usual app usage.

At the end of each day, two simple clicks are all it takes to upload the day’s data.

When the sun comes out, your daily fitness report will be waiting in your Inbox. Rinse and repeat.

This is a great opportunity for you to see how much movement, effort and exertion you see on the typical and not so typical days.

How long does the beta tester stage last?

Each Pilot needs to sign onto a minimum commitment of 2 weeks. You can definitely continue after this trial comes to an end, but we ask all participants to give the app that initial 14-day trial.

We’re closing the beta testing mid-January, the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can put Brio through its paces.

Oh, if you find you love beta testing with us, go for it! We’re happy to keep providing your data to you right up to the Brio App is ready for market release.

I’ve only just started rehab. Can I still join in?

Yes! We’re looking to include all kinds of wheelchair users.

I have a hybrid/motorised wheelchair. Can I still join in?

Yes! We’re for all wheelchair users, so feel free to register.

We envisage hybrid chair testing will be in a few months in a dedicated group once we’ve locked down the finer points of manual chairs.

I’m under the age of 16. Can I still join in?

Our experience so far is that there are some serious young wheelies out there looking to show their sporting and wheelchair abilities. Including you is part of the process, but we also need to make sure you are safe and not risking injury or stress by signing up without the full picture.

That’s why we ask anyone under 16 to provide parental consent. This will require having an email inclusive of signature on file. We need to see that both you and your parents or guardian understand what’s involved so you can both make an informed decision.

Got questions? Your parents can discuss the trial or anything Brio related with us prior to signing up. We encourage them to contact us via email.

I break a lot of technology. Can I still join in?

So do we! Welcome to the party and ensure your testing capabilities are in the upright position. Or not. We guess it just depends how much of a daredevil or maverick you may be.

Is my privacy respected?

Briometrix Privacy Policy (click to read full policy)

Yes! Your privacy is very important to us. Please read below to see how Briometrix handles information. Before you get to the details, here are a few of our fundamental privacy principles:

  • Your privacy is important to us and we handle your information accordingly
  • We do not share your personal information with anyone without your consent except to comply with the law, develop our products and services, or protect our rights
  • Information you upload or post to Briometrix may be seen by others depending on your privacy settings
  • Any business information is shared with complete anonymity in mind. We’ll never disclose information that could indirectly or directly inform others of your identity or healthcare profile
  • How and what you share is your choice. You have several ways to control the privacy of your personal information and will always be notified if further options become or available or if existing options change
  • We make a commit to continuously work on enhancing the privacy options available to you.

Briometrix respects your privacy and shares your concern about the security of data you may submit to Briometrix’s websites and the related mobile applications and services (collectively, the “Services”).  Our privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) explains the information we collect, how we use and protect it, how to access and update your information, and how to manage your privacy settings when using the Services.

Want to hear what others have to say?

Malcolm-testimonial for Briometrix app

Malcolm Turnbull

Advisor and Educator,
Experienced Traveller

I like the fact Brio is more than fitness information. It has the health and injury prevention covered as well. I’m keen to protect my shoulders, and stay fit. I was interested to see my effort and activity time when I work, play sport and go traveling. Brio gives me the data to ensure I look after my shoulders by using them, but don’t abusing them.


Louise Sauvage

Gold Paralympian,
Coach Wheelchair Track and Road

I look forward to using Briometrix for tracking my sport and fitness activities. I also want to apply it in coaching my junior and elite athletes.  It’s awesome to see such valuable work and innovations for people with disabilities in the community.


Mark Tomkins

Accessibility Manager Local Government,
Athlete elite level

Already seen my first reports and can’t wait to be using it daily.  Briometrix is authentic data for wheelchair fitness and movement.  It is not simply counting strokes. It is determining stroke efficiency and effectiveness, my effort output in a day, and loads more good info. Check it out is my advice.  I plan to have loads of fun testing the App to its limits.


*Participants under the age of 16 will be welcome if full parental consent is given. Please consult with your medical professional about the style of exercise program that works for you