Brio Pilots

You will come to learn there are a lot of interesting stories about Eckhard. For starters, he was a choir master for years and sung with the Philharmonic Choir, and over the past four years has taken up paragliding.  And those aspects of his life are behind our business and product names.


Eckhard had been paragliding and his instructor shared a story …… “Anyone in command of a vehicle is a pilot. As the pilot, you are responsible for everything that happens to you and your vehicle. This applies to cars, bikes, planes, and paragliding …”  When Eckhard relayed the story to the Brio team he said: “Pilot just says it all .. you have your destiny in your hands”. To Briometrix,  people who drive a wheelchair are Pilots.


The next part came from Eck’s love of music.  In music Con Brio means to be performed with liveliness or spirit; to have gusto, energy, confidence, the vivacity of performance. That was it – the meaning we had been searching for to express all we wanted our Pilots to experience.


Now Metrix has nothing to do with any of Eckhard’s habits….it was the obvious missing link in our name, as our products are all about tracking, measure and analyse.  There you have it and can understand why our products are called Brio Pilot Series.


brio: (Italian adj) The art of conquering your own goals with vivaciousness and gusto

brio pilot: (noun) A wheelchair user that is using seriously cool technology to track their equally impressive moves.

From city to country, sporting field to daily exercise, our Brio Pilots are uncovering all kinds of exciting data

briometrix: (noun) The wheelchair fitness app and purpose built hardware designed to make setting your activity, fitness & sporting goals

with personal style and spirit on your own terms

Natalie Verdon
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