What is Briometrix and why does it matter?

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What is Briometrix and why does it matter?

Fitness tracker apps are nothing new nor are using app technology to aid in navigation. We use all manner of app to help keep our fitness on track and to ensure we know the clear path to the places we want to go. GPS tracking helps us in our daily life and watching our progress unfold any time helps with motivation.


However, using these common kinds of apps, ones often taken for granted by others, is a big deal in the wheelchair community.


So today, we’re going to examine why there is a place for Briometrix on the market and what you can do to support it


Fitness wheelchair style


Some people may wonder why a fitness tracker would be so important for the wheelchair community. But in truth, many of the reasons that appeal to everyone appeal to people with wheelchairs.

Everyone wants to monitor their progress- the appeal of fitness apps is that you get to do that. Whether you’ve recently started using a wheelchair or it’s been a feature of your whole life, the response is still the same. You want to see how far you have come.


For people in wheelchairs, there are also a couple of other levels to consider:

  • Newly acquired wheelchairs take getting used to. There is a lot to be frustrated by after acquiring an injury or if you have health that doesn’t allow you to move the way you once did. Offsetting the frustration by giving some practical measurement of progress can help enormously. You can see your own capacity to master the wheelchair develop over time
  • Data helps healthcare professionals, coaches and wheelchair owners make informed decisions. The data can be useful to your physio and occupational therapist to see what is and isn’t working with exercises and fitness programs attempted. It can also be used by the coach to help lift individual fitness and sporting performance at the amateur and professional wheelchair sports levels
  • The measurements you use are different to the rest of the community. Wheelchair fitness apps have to focus on exertion in the upper body. They also don’t get away with linear measurements of the distances travelled. Gradients, surfaces and more influence the strength required. You’ve got wheels on your butt that has to be directed well. A dedicated wheelchair fitness tracker app is going to give you a lot more accurate detail than a standard exercise app
  • Your fitness matters beyond height, weight and pulse. Wheelchair fitness has to measure upper body strength. It has to focus on the arms, muscle building, heart rate and lung function. So a wheelchair fitness app has to be smart enough to take this information relating to your individual fitness and build it into what it knows of topography, distance and speed


Being smart enough to cater to these measurements is where Briometrix excels. This data helps create individualised approaches to fitness that is simply lacking in standard fitness apps on the market today.


All progress is great progress


Attitude counts for a massive amount of what you can achieve in life. Part of fuelling determination, courage, strength and even pigheaded stubbornness is about seeing the progress. Knowledge is power. It’s that knowledge that helps us see what we are capable of.


Incremental goals make big movements overtime. Imagine if you’ve set yourself a goal to do a marathon or train to qualify for an elite sports team. Being able to see strength, progress, times and more on a daily basis helps you plan your fitness and sporting goals better. It may mean the difference between obtaining that goal and misjudging it completely.


Briometrix gives you the ability to set your own goals and see progress in real time. No matter if you are looking after heart health as an individual or you are competing an elite level, you receive data that helps you plan for the journey ahead.


Plus, having a wheelchair fitness tracker on your side means it remains your journey, your goals and your progress. That can be incredibly empowering for children in wheelchairs that are facing other obstacles at school or in life. It can help give the autonomy and focus in someone that is newly injured and/or has been facing a few health challenges. It can also reset your head if you don’t achieve the fitness goals you held dear.


Each revolution taken towards your goals is counted. Every moment you’ve chosen to sweat it out and push yourself a little further matters. Why not collect those moments and use them to drive you even further?


Public accessibility matters


Anyone in wheelchair will tell you that there are some hellish workouts in simply getting around. Steep hills, unsurfaced surfaces, broken pavements, stairs, narrow walkways, non-existent walkways- all these things tax on a daily basis in ways the average person simply doesn’t get. This includes town planners and politicians. A ramp isn’t the be all and end all of making places accessible.


Yet we see this on the city streets, university campuses, public buildings and more. If it’s out of sight or not relative to a person’s experience, planning for accessibility doesn’t happen the way it should.


No one should have to choose to be on the road because the footpath is inaccessible. Or not be able to find the way to the local taxi rank, club, event, school or shops because concrete is busted and barely usable.


Briometrix is a unique opportunity to note only accurately map places and spaces for the wheelchair community, but also demonstrate why near enough isn’t good enough. Part of the app is demonstrating what needs to be improved. Yes, we’re advocating for wheelchair accessibility. And why not? The best way to show someone near enough doesn’t cut the mustard in disability facilities and place making is to demonstrate why.


So we’re making a commitment to take matters into our own hands and map the accessible parts of the streets, universities and public places while also demonstrating the smart thing is to improve the spaces as well.


Curious to find out more about Briometrix and/or make a case for your friends and extended circle as to why this fitness tracker app matters?


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Rebekah Lambert

Rebekah Lambert is content marketing freelancer, Unashamedly Creative. Born with mild cerebral palsy and quite out about her anxiety and OCD, Rebekah has made it her mission to use her writing ability to call for an inclusive society. With her insights and career experience, Briometrix is delighted Rebekah is a dedicated writer for the Briometrix community.

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