disability community

Make no mistake about it, the disability community is our strongest ally. Whenever we need testers, honest feedback, introductions and feet through the door, the disability community is there. We’re also lucky in a lot of respects to have found pockets of appeal within the disability community and other communities of a forward-thinking nature.   Today, we pay homage to the many communities that have adopted us,...

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ian schneider - disability innovation

Disability innovation should be a growth area of interest for startups. There's plenty of opportunity, after all. It’s been interesting to see how many key companies and individual startups and innovators are taking notice of the wheelchair user space. We’ve of course talked about the tremendous efforts made by Google both in the Google Maps arena as well as further innovation through direct hiring. Creating...

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wheelchair accessible world

Part of a truly wheelchair accessible world is recognising that we’re not there yet. Councils, town planners and builders are trying, but there are a lot of impediments to success when it comes to creating a truly wheelchair accessible world.   Thinking about things beyond the blue sign and the ramp is important. We know the clangers in society where the disability office is placed on a...

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