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Our story

Eckhard Kemmerer has been working with wheelchairs since 2011.

In 2015 his business partner Natalie joined one of the projects. Nat found wheelchair users trying unsuccessfully to adapt regular fitness devices to maintain their health and fitness. From this discovery came their mission to create accessible and wearable technology available to all kinds of people that work and live with wheelchairs.

Partnering with Andy Brown for his knowledge of fitness technology and experience in sales management, the dream started to take shape. The trio built and tested a prototype fitness app and wearable device, calling it the Brio Pilot.

Realising the technology could be used to improve the lives of people who use wheelchairs every day they launched Briometrix in May 2016. Ever since they have been improving navigation results and creating a proper, working product for their Tracker which they will soon release. The Briometrix Team also expanded their vision to include wheelchair user generated mapping data together with available mapping technology to create their latest service, Navability.

The Briometrix team
Prince of Wales Hospital Spinal Cord Injury team - Craig Jarvis & Fernanda Di Natal. Brio Team - Liam Granger, Eckhard Kemmerer and Adres Pinar
Little boy in wheelchair
Insights that lead to better decisions

By turning every wheelchair into a mapping, fitness and health tool, we’re learning about the lives of wheelchair users. With this critical mass of information, we can interpret the data of the wheelchair community’s behaviour without sacrificing individual privacy.

Briometrix makes this data available to researchers, universities, clinicians, sports coaches, healthcare specialists, accessible tourism, urban, transport and social inclusion planners, wheelchair manufacturers and other product suppliers.

Data will ensure we meet a shared goal of more liveable and inclusive cities for the wheelchair community.

Woman and dog in wheelchair on gravel road
Almost there is nowhere

Everyone has their own ideas about what accessible means.  To Briometrix, accessibility is a human right.  

All spaces humans design, from public to private, should be accessible to all. As independence is being able to manage everyday tasks on your own and to make your own decisions about when help is required.

That is at the heart of why Briometrix has created our apps and wearable technology, our belief in independence and people living on their own terms.

Person paragliding
Innovate and play at the margins

Most new things emerge at the margins and at the cutting edge. This is the place where the existing is inadequate. Most people avoid the margin.

But we’re not most people.

Briometrix work with people who use wheelchairs. We spend a lot of time with people who will live with a wheelchair for their whole life. Testing for a cure to various spinal problems costs millions of dollars and thousands of hours. But understanding and building solutions to immediately improve someone’s life is priceless.

So join us at the margins and let’s build a future on your own terms with our technology.

Spread the word

Join the revolution. Support us by helping spread the word. Be part of our effort to make life more accessible with the Brio Pilot Series.

The Briometrix Team

Briometrix is a team brought together by an entrepreneurial mindset, a desire for accessible solutions and the willingness to join with other community partners to build a better solution.  

‘Brio’ origin is Italian – meaning determination, vibrant, zest, gusto, ebullience in performance and style.

nat 2
Nat Verdon MD
Business Develop. & Marketing
Eckhard Kemmerer
Eckhard Kemmerer MD
Product Innovation
Andy Brown
Sales North America
Product Sports and Rehabilitation
Mark Tomkins
Product Accessibility
Liam Granger
Liam Granger
Lew Evans
Lew Evans
andres pinar
Andres Pinar
Business Analyst
James Killick

Along with the invaluable support from wheelchair pilots, sports teams and coaches, physio and occupational therapist and the many professional working in the wheelchair community.

Advisor Team

Dr Joe Waeckerle
Emergency Physician, Sports Physician, Board, Advisor
Dr Ian Rice
Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Paralympic Training Centre, USA Medalist Paralympian

“Briometrix products are produced by a team with the right balance of technical knowledge of wheelchair locomotion and broad understanding of key issues for wheelchair users, from beginners to elite athletes.”

Damien O'Meara, Sports Scientist, NSW Institute of Sport


“I think it is awesome that I will be able to track my fitness, progress and every related metric. The fact Briometrix tracks all our moves is what really impresses me.”

Jason Parker, Keep Pushing Company, Sydney Australia